Friday, June 3, 2016


I’ll be the first person to admit that makeup is an essential part of my life. Over the years of being a beauty consultant and just a beauty enthusiast in general, makeup has become a non-guilty pleasure for me. In addition to just being generally obsessed with makeup, I’ve become obsessed with practicing safe practices when it comes to makeup including washing my makeup brushes every other day.

When I first started getting into makeup, I didn’t quite understand the importance of washing brushes. Now that I think about it, it never really crossed my mind to wash brushes as often as I do now. I thought since I was the only one using my brushes that I wouldn’t put my skin at risk from using my own unwashed brushes until the bristles fell off.

And I was completely wrong!

After 9 years in the cosmetic industry and 100’s of training sessions, I understood why keeping my own brushes at home clean is just important as cleaning my professional tools. I now make sure my brushes are washed at least once a week.

Whether synthetic or natural fibers, makeup brushes hold many things that can be very detrimental to the health of your skin such as dirt and debris, oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and old makeup. Though I dread wash day for my makeup brushes just as much (or even more) than wash day for my natural hair, my canvas will not be destroyed due to my laziness.

Aside from mustering up the energy to wash my brushes, I’ve also struggled with what to wash them with. I’ve bought one too many expensive luxury brush “cleaners” that have not quite done the job so out of pure curiosity, I’ve resorted to things around my house. To no surprise, the things that I have trusted for years for other uses really did the trick for effortlessly getting my brushes squeaky clean for a fraction of the price.

Here are some of my favorite household items to wash my brushes with that you may be ale to find in your own home.

Cheap Clarifying Conditioner

Cheap clarifying conditioners such as V05 have been a personal favorite of mine to co-wash my hair with.  Though it’s meant to “clarify” the hair of dirt and oil and such it also doesn’t strip the hair and make it brittle. The same goes for makeup brushes, specifically natural fiber brushes. Your brushes will feel really clean, soft and smell lovely.

Olive Oil

Though olive oil isn’t the cheapest oil in world, it works wonders for a deeper clean of brushes. Specifically, I love using olive oil to clean stubborn synthetic brushes such as foundation brushes. The oil breaks up the makeup really well but I still follow up with a soap just to get rid of the oil residue. Better safe than sorry.

Hand Soap

I’m one of those people who wash their hands a lot and they also work wonders to clean makeup brushes. They don’t get super sudsy where it hard to remove the soap and as with the other household items here, it’s mild enough to wash your brushes without damaging them.

Mild Baby Shampoo

My philosophy is “if it can be used on a baby, it can’t be but so harmful” and it surely checks out when it comes to using it on makeup brushes. It breaks down the makeup very well and with very little effort.

Dish Detergent

This one may alarm you but it honestly is one of my faves. The reason why I even decided to try it is because dish detergent breaks down all sorts of grease, grit and grime on our dishes, so how could it not do the same for makeup brushes? If you’re concerned that you’d break out from using brushes washed with dish washing detergent, I can tell you from my own experience that is probably the least of your worries.

These unconventional items have worked wonders for me.  Why go out and spend money that you don’t really need to when you have things right in the house that will clean your brushes just as well for a fraction of the price?

What are some “unconventional” household items that you use to get your makeup brushes clean, please share .

Friday, January 29, 2016


Welcome to a new year filled with great opportunities .

We are re-branding , re strategizing and focusing on what is most important.

 This year we are training, empowering and raising new entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

EWABELA MAKEUP ACADEMY this new year is giving 10 lucky people scholarship monthly (Feb - Dec) varying from 50% to 100 % off tuition for our 3 weeks make-up training. This offer is open every month. We are also offering mentor-ship opportunity to the brightest few, with all the tools necessary to start a small business and coach them to grow.

 We are launching a new training program called THE BEAUTY BUSINESS CLINIC. This will be a 3-4 hour class one day every month. This class is free and open to everyone who already runs a beauty business , it will feature facilitators from within the beauty industry (makeup artist and retailers of beauty products) and other people whose business influences ours (photography, social media experts, sales expert and marketing consultant)

 The aim of the beauty business clinics is to train and coach small/medium make-up products retailers on how to grow their business sustainably and expand.
We would also deal with individual challenges each business is facing and provide mentor-ship for them.

To participate in our scholarship (intern-ship and mentoring ) program simply send your details to

1. Full Name ( and also name as on Facebook )
2. Phone number
3. Educational background
4. Last qualification/certification
5. Why do you believe you deserve the scholarship?
6. What you love about makeup?
7. Send a personal picture
8. Indicate the month you want to join.

Monday, January 11, 2016


I have not been able to set a start up date for the training - mainly because we didn't have a venue.

Last Thursday 7th of Jan 2016, I received a mail from an angel in the human form of Mrs Wunmi, she offered her school as venue for the training FREE OF CHARGE. I was shocked - screamed OMG😱! After reading the mail.

Our God is indeed a great God.

I met with her last Sunday(Yesterday ) to conclude and fine tune plans. I am happy to announce that screening will take place next Friday 22th Jan,2016. 
The time and address will be sent to all those who have been shortlisted . 

I would love to thank you all for your prayers and support.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, I am happy to say we have taken that first step. 

It's onward and upward all the way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I have learnt that the most important thing about any project , dream or vision is to start. 
Start with what you have and Start where you are.
According to my Pastor and Mentor Sam Adeyemi "ideas rule the world and the most important resource you need is your imagination"

When I received the idea to train and raise 120 entrepreneurs within 2016 through the Ewäbela Makeup Academy and mentor as many as are interested through Ewäbela Beauty Business Clinic. I paid no attention to the cost implication - my focus was on the greater good that will result from the fulfillment of my vision.

I prayed
I planned
I started by announcing the invitation during a live show on Jan 1,2016.

I have received over 150 emails from people interested the training .

I don't have a venue yet - I believe it will come.
I don't have the makeup products I need to train the many students who have applied already - I know that will come also.

What I have is the WILL, 
I have a clear vision and I have the passion to follow through.
I have the skill which I am ready to impact free and I am sure all the needed recourses will show up.

After reading "Social Business " by Mohammed Yusuf , I believe there is a lot good in many people and they are willing to support good causes.

I am reaching out to as many as are reading this and have the capacity to support this vision.

We will make it happen - no matter what.

A willing mind will find a thousand ways.

Monday, November 9, 2015


In my eight years as a makeup artist, i have found more pleasure as a teacher than any/every other aspect of makeup. 

I believe that i am a born teacher, because even proceeding my adventure into the world of makeup i taught academically in a primary school and i loved it.

I have seen many makeup schools, owned by fantastic makeup artist but bad teachers and the result is the large crop of half baked makeup artist in town now. 

I have put together a thorough curriculum fully practical to empower makeup enthusiast with the needed skill to build a career in this industry.

Passion and rigor are key values in this career path, this training will be your pass into a new and exciting world. A world where you determine your pay and your timing. It's all practically in your hands and we help you to harness your talent, perfect it into a  skill that will be your visa to a successful career as a makeup and beauty consultant.

This is the break down of our training package:

BBM(Basic bridal makeup):

  • knowledge of facial structure, skin type and skin preparation
  • knowlegde and application of foundation and powder
  • eye brow design
  • eye and lip makeup technique (suitable for brides)
  • head gear tying 

DURATION: 2weeks, 3 days per weeks.
Class size: 5-8

PBM ( Professional Bridal makeup):

  • knowledge of facial structure, skin type and skin preparation
  • knowledge and application of foundation and powder
  • eye brow design
  • face contouring and highlighting
  • eye and lips makeup technique (suitable for brides)
  • false lashes
  • bridal train makeup
  • head gear tying( 4 designs)
  • quick makeup change from traditional wedding to white wedding

DURATION: 4 weeks, 3days per week
TUITION: 100,000 naira
Class Size: 5-8

PMM (professional Media makeup)
  • all PBM classes (as above)
  • runway makeup ( design and style)

  • magazine makeup ( design and technique)
  • media makeup ( design and technique)
DURATION: 8 weeks, 3 days per week
Class size:3-5

Monday, July 20, 2015


It a brand new week and our natural beauty pick is J Lo, who at 44 still looks stunning.

While in New York to film her new police drama series, Shades of Blue, she stepped out with barely there makeup, looking naturally flawless.

looking so fit, waoh! whats not to love.

Have a great week ahead, Ya'll.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Today's natural beauty pick are two of my favorites Nigerian female actresses Kate Henshaw and Ini Edo.

 Another awesome thing about this picture is how fit they were both looking. i really need to hit the gym.

Enjoy a great week ahead.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Below are compelling reason for you to wash your makeup brushes right now:

1.  Break You Out
If you skip the rest of the article, hear this: dirty makeup brushes are giving you acne. If you think foundation is ruining your skin, it could be your routine and not the product itself. Wipe off the lid after each use and clean those brushes. Even if your skin is “clean,” your brushes are still collecting oil, dust, dead skin, and fallout from greasy hair products you spray around your mirror. Do not save it up in your brushes unless you enjoy wiping a concentrated mess of filth all over your T-zone.

2. Terrible Color Payoff
To get naturally blended eye shadow or dramatic looks like a cut crease, you need a precise application that you cannot get with a dirty brush. Keep eye shadow brushes clean and dry so you know exactly what colors you’re putting on your face.

3. Breeding Ground for Germs
Let’s say you don’t wash your brush, allowing it to accumulate bacteria, dust, and dirt. Then, you swirl it in your expensive face powder or gel eyeliner, transferring all that grime into your beloved products. Gels and creams are wet environments where germs can multiply, just waiting for you to feed them again with a dirty brush. It’s like swapping an infection back and forth with your partner. Products that should last six months or a year can go off and spoil, and the circle of acne continues.

4. Causes Skin Irritation
Bristles that are caked with dust and product can dry out and become brittle, making them more abrasive to your skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps natural and synthetic fibers soft and supple. It’s your face, people. You want a cloud, not a Brillo pad.

5. Dirty Brushes Give You Herpes and Pinkeye
Herpes loves a moist environment. And the whole point of lipgloss is to be wet and wild forever and ever amen. Share your curling iron or wifi password, but Do NOT share your lip or eye brushes.

6. Ruin Your Investment
Cleaning your brushes keeps them in good shape and prolongs their life. Decent brushes often cost as much or more than cosmetics, so it’s worth the ten minutes you’ll spend cleaning them to keep them looking nice for years.

Stay tuned next week for a quick and easy lesson on how to clean your filthy, filthy face brushes.

Elastic bands: The nature of elastic bands is to grip the hair tightly so it will stay in place, but that gripping cuts into the hair shaft and causes fraying. If you wear your hair in a ponytail every day, you might notice breakage near where you put the elastic band. Minimize damage by using thick, fabric-coated bands (never use rubbery elastics!) and give your ponytail a break, or consider a shorter haircut. - See more at:

Monday, July 6, 2015

RELAUNCH : Sleek studio Skincare Range

 Last Sunday 5th of July, sleek studio re-launched their skin care range of products in a high class, fun filled event at the classy sleek studio square resource center in Victoria island Lagos.

Sleek Studio Skincare range comprises of 2 main Products :
  •  Exfoliating Range
  • Lightening Range.

The Exfoliating Range :

This is for individuals who do not actually want to lighten but only want their true skin colour to show forth. This range eliminates dullness and allows bright natural colour to show through. This comprises of 5 products namely; Come clean , scrub away my troubles, protect me restore me, Neu skin reveal , Neu skin reveal more.

The Lightening Range: 

This range has been produced with high quality lightening agents that do not damage the skin. This is for those who wish to lighten their skin and will have to borrow one or two items from the exfoliating range to achieve maximum results . This comprises of 4 products namely; Clean n Lighten, Tone n Lighten , Lightning in a bottle and Lightning in a jar.  

 Great ambiance, fantastic setup with dazzling mood light

Massive backdrop of sleek studio model both male and female was strategically placed around the venue

Experience points with sales rep who helped all attendants in the touch and feel of the products are strategically positioned.

My Goodie Bag

This part was awesome because, sleek studio Exfoliating Range is the most used group of items in my current skin care routine. So i am happy to have new stock (lol!) and i will be hosting a giveaway of the lightening range soon.

 Being a Sunday afternoon, i attended the event with my twin boys immediately from church and it was more work to run after them and keep them from re-arranging / scattering the beautiful set-up. They had fun as i did.

Please watch-out for my comprehensive review of the sleek exfoliating range.
Enjoy a great week ahead

Thursday, July 2, 2015


We all know make up is used to enhance the beauty of a person.  Make up is all about creativity, In fact, the new trend now is to go out with half face made up. I think its pretty cool - though i don't plan to try it any time soon.

Beauty Blogger, Nikky Tutorials has posted videos on Twitter, instagram promoting this make up. However, its also an advantage for those who don’t really like make up. 

So ladies come out and lets have fun cause make up its self is fun.