Our services cover the following:

The basics
This is our personal class to teach you the basics. Skin, foundation, color choice, proper technique and brush use. This is a hands on "how to"  its never to late to learn.

Brow services
Nothing less than perfect brows. this is an art form and we are the expert at it. We do not believe in waxing or that "thinner is better". Let us give your brows the shape they need. If your brows have been damaged by waxing it is possible to regain your natural shape.

Makeup application
This is for occasions when you need your makeup to be flawless. Perfect for formal parties, photo sessions and any other time you must absolutely look your best. Make life a little easier for your self hire professionals to create the exact look you want.

Eyes, Cheek and Lips
Want a quick fix or "smokey eyes"? this 20mins session will guarantee you look great when you just don't want to do it on your own. No foundation(from us any way).

Commercial Makeup Services
We are available for photoshoots,shows, convention, fashion shows, television and video production.

Lashes services
Our stance on beauty is low maintenance.Anything you can do to look great in less time - am all for it. Having your lashes done speeds up your personal makeup routine.