Friday, January 29, 2016


Welcome to a new year filled with great opportunities .

We are re-branding , re strategizing and focusing on what is most important.

 This year we are training, empowering and raising new entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

EWABELA MAKEUP ACADEMY this new year is giving 10 lucky people scholarship monthly (Feb - Dec) varying from 50% to 100 % off tuition for our 3 weeks make-up training. This offer is open every month. We are also offering mentor-ship opportunity to the brightest few, with all the tools necessary to start a small business and coach them to grow.

 We are launching a new training program called THE BEAUTY BUSINESS CLINIC. This will be a 3-4 hour class one day every month. This class is free and open to everyone who already runs a beauty business , it will feature facilitators from within the beauty industry (makeup artist and retailers of beauty products) and other people whose business influences ours (photography, social media experts, sales expert and marketing consultant)

 The aim of the beauty business clinics is to train and coach small/medium make-up products retailers on how to grow their business sustainably and expand.
We would also deal with individual challenges each business is facing and provide mentor-ship for them.

To participate in our scholarship (intern-ship and mentoring ) program simply send your details to

1. Full Name ( and also name as on Facebook )
2. Phone number
3. Educational background
4. Last qualification/certification
5. Why do you believe you deserve the scholarship?
6. What you love about makeup?
7. Send a personal picture
8. Indicate the month you want to join.

Monday, January 11, 2016


I have not been able to set a start up date for the training - mainly because we didn't have a venue.

Last Thursday 7th of Jan 2016, I received a mail from an angel in the human form of Mrs Wunmi, she offered her school as venue for the training FREE OF CHARGE. I was shocked - screamed OMG😱! After reading the mail.

Our God is indeed a great God.

I met with her last Sunday(Yesterday ) to conclude and fine tune plans. I am happy to announce that screening will take place next Friday 22th Jan,2016. 
The time and address will be sent to all those who have been shortlisted . 

I would love to thank you all for your prayers and support.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, I am happy to say we have taken that first step. 

It's onward and upward all the way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I have learnt that the most important thing about any project , dream or vision is to start. 
Start with what you have and Start where you are.
According to my Pastor and Mentor Sam Adeyemi "ideas rule the world and the most important resource you need is your imagination"

When I received the idea to train and raise 120 entrepreneurs within 2016 through the Ewäbela Makeup Academy and mentor as many as are interested through Ewäbela Beauty Business Clinic. I paid no attention to the cost implication - my focus was on the greater good that will result from the fulfillment of my vision.

I prayed
I planned
I started by announcing the invitation during a live show on Jan 1,2016.

I have received over 150 emails from people interested the training .

I don't have a venue yet - I believe it will come.
I don't have the makeup products I need to train the many students who have applied already - I know that will come also.

What I have is the WILL, 
I have a clear vision and I have the passion to follow through.
I have the skill which I am ready to impact free and I am sure all the needed recourses will show up.

After reading "Social Business " by Mohammed Yusuf , I believe there is a lot good in many people and they are willing to support good causes.

I am reaching out to as many as are reading this and have the capacity to support this vision.

We will make it happen - no matter what.

A willing mind will find a thousand ways.