Monday, January 11, 2016


I have not been able to set a start up date for the training - mainly because we didn't have a venue.

Last Thursday 7th of Jan 2016, I received a mail from an angel in the human form of Mrs Wunmi, she offered her school as venue for the training FREE OF CHARGE. I was shocked - screamed OMG😱! After reading the mail.

Our God is indeed a great God.

I met with her last Sunday(Yesterday ) to conclude and fine tune plans. I am happy to announce that screening will take place next Friday 22th Jan,2016. 
The time and address will be sent to all those who have been shortlisted . 

I would love to thank you all for your prayers and support.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, I am happy to say we have taken that first step. 

It's onward and upward all the way.


  1. please ma, i still did not see any reply in my inbox. is it because i wasnt shortlisted. ive resent the email, awaiting reply.

  2. kindly resend the mail if you still haven't received a reply by Wednesday.

  3. Hi TMO, I want details about the training for my younger sister who wants to be a make up freak like you and who watches your view(she got the info there) but who is not financially capable for proper training make up school. Pls leave a comment to direct me below. Thanks

  4. Thank God, i've been patiently waiting 4 d date and address...may almighty bless the angel among us and u too

  5. ma, i already resent the mail but havent gotten avreply yet

  6. I haven't been able 2 get any information about d training. Pls what d I do?