Monday, July 6, 2015

RELAUNCH : Sleek studio Skincare Range

 Last Sunday 5th of July, sleek studio re-launched their skin care range of products in a high class, fun filled event at the classy sleek studio square resource center in Victoria island Lagos.

Sleek Studio Skincare range comprises of 2 main Products :
  •  Exfoliating Range
  • Lightening Range.

The Exfoliating Range :

This is for individuals who do not actually want to lighten but only want their true skin colour to show forth. This range eliminates dullness and allows bright natural colour to show through. This comprises of 5 products namely; Come clean , scrub away my troubles, protect me restore me, Neu skin reveal , Neu skin reveal more.

The Lightening Range: 

This range has been produced with high quality lightening agents that do not damage the skin. This is for those who wish to lighten their skin and will have to borrow one or two items from the exfoliating range to achieve maximum results . This comprises of 4 products namely; Clean n Lighten, Tone n Lighten , Lightning in a bottle and Lightning in a jar.  

 Great ambiance, fantastic setup with dazzling mood light

Massive backdrop of sleek studio model both male and female was strategically placed around the venue

Experience points with sales rep who helped all attendants in the touch and feel of the products are strategically positioned.

My Goodie Bag

This part was awesome because, sleek studio Exfoliating Range is the most used group of items in my current skin care routine. So i am happy to have new stock (lol!) and i will be hosting a giveaway of the lightening range soon.

 Being a Sunday afternoon, i attended the event with my twin boys immediately from church and it was more work to run after them and keep them from re-arranging / scattering the beautiful set-up. They had fun as i did.

Please watch-out for my comprehensive review of the sleek exfoliating range.
Enjoy a great week ahead

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